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Condominiums Must Issue Correct Status Certificates

March 30, 2018 - Updated: March 30, 2018Condominiums

Condominiums Must Issue Correct Status Certificates While this may seem obvious, what happens if the Same Condominium had previously iss ...

Tagged with: status certificates condominiums up to date accurate ontario law

2014 Condo Market in GTA

January 14, 2014 - Updated: January 19, 2014Condominiums

Everyone is interested in Toronto’s condo market. It’s certainly “hot” in terms of construction. The cranes are everywhe ...

Tagged with: sunny batra 2014 condo market toronto downtown gta

2014 Toronto Condo Closings will Reach Record Highs

January 5, 2014 - Updated: January 5, 2014Condominiums

20,000 Toronto Condo Market Occupancies 2014 This is due to the fact that the sales of pre-construction condos reached record highs in ...

Tagged with: toronto condo market 2014

New Condos: Real Estate Futures

October 22, 2013 - Updated: October 22, 2013Condominiums

Betting on the real estate market is as easy as picking up brochures in the model home. Let’s assume that you believe that the r ...

Tagged with: futures real estate condos toronto investment rental

Too Much Security can bring down the Value of Your Condo Townhouse!

May 20, 2013 - Updated: May 20, 2013Condominiums

People like to be safe. They like to see the visible signs of security: fences, barriers, cameras, and the like. A large condominium p ...

Tagged with: security value too much negative effect equity

How to Increase the Value of Condo Townhouses!

May 19, 2013 - Updated: May 19, 2013Condominiums

Everyone is looking for a way to increase the value of their homes. But, what if you’re in a condominium townhouse development, it may not ...

Tagged with: security cameras video added protection townhouses townhomes

A Mercedes in my Condo Parking Space?

April 27, 2013 - Updated: April 27, 2013Condominiums

Featured Question of the Day I’m acting for the purchaser of a condo. The two parking spots are occupied with cars, a late model ...

Tagged with: condo parking space use common elements overholding vacant possession sale

Condominiums Explained

April 7, 2013 - Updated: April 7, 2013Condominiums

A condominium is a parcel of real estate. It is one single unit of a condominium corporation. In effect, it is one method of common ownership wi ...

Tagged with: condominiums ownership expalined ontario law

Brian Madigan LL.B. Broker

RE/MAX West Realty Inc. Brokerage

Independently owned and operated

96 Rexdale Blvd. , Toronto Ontario,

Phone: 416-745-2300

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